Just random shit, bro. ;D You can call me Sam. c:
i'm awkward..
I like mary jane
I can't live without music..
I'm 16. :I
I get lost in my thoughts a lot..
I am single.. :c
I'm a stoner.
I'm a chill person; I don't bite...
More links...


don’t mind me



I hate you. My soul is missing. I know you took it. I miss smiling and happiness is an outdated concept. Karma will come for you with a baseball bat, and when your blood stains the earth, I will smile. I built my castle and I will also tear it down. If you had a heart I would eat it, if you had a soul I would steal it. But I’m not cruel so I’ll just leave you alone.

I’m a friend of the devils. Are you a friend of mine?

want to find an abandoned house so i can just write.

Possibly my favourite post ever


“And a bird who was on a crooked branch is suddenly gone without my even hearing him.” // Photography_84


take me to wonderland *。・

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